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Surely everyone will enjoy it as much as he — wait..is the audience cringing? Why does it already have several TV Tropes mentions under ?Well, it turns out the vast majority of the viewers disagree with Bob about what makes a happy ending.Sometimes medical science can take lives just as easily as it can save them.A genetically engineered and unstoppable cancer is spreading through Baltimore’s citizens.When this happens to minor characters and is less noticeable, it's a case of Pair the Spares.Can crop up when the writers want to quickly counteract Ho Yay, Incest Subtext, or a Relationship Writing Fumble.After paying for his crimes, he’s devoted himself to developing genetic therapies to save lives.He eagerly joins Robin on a quest to engineer a treatment.

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Cue one part of the audience sighing happily, since those two were obviously made for each other, and it's about time, while the other part of the audience scratches their heads in bewilderment and disdain, since this "development" just asked for too much Willing Suspension of Disbelief and feels suspiciously like the writers just pulled it straight out of their hindquarters.

True, you just met this other woman, but give her a few minutes and you'll have known her just as long. Sometimes the writers decide that the important part is getting those two characters in a relationship, and the rest will somehow sort itself out.

Not every Romance Arc gets the luxury of being played out fully to the last detail.

The potential problems are all still there, but at least they're not going to grow out of control throughout the rest of the plot since there's no rest of the plot left.

Still, this can make unexpected sequels rather awkward, even assuming that the audience can stomach the original strangulation.

If the work is an adaption, it may be an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole.

Scientists at the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, in Utah interviewed 2,035 married people about when they first had sex with their partner.… continue reading »

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Jordan as three bachelors in New York City, became a moderate commercial success despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics.… continue reading »

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